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My unwavering love for artificial intelligence technology drives me to constantly seek new challenges and opportunities. This is why I have created these open-sourced projects, which aim not just to demonstrate technical prowess, but more importantly, to bring convenience and help to those who need it. I truly believe that these projects have the power to change lives for the better. Seeing the positive impact of my work fills me with a sense of happiness and pride that fuels my drive to continue creating and innovating.

By supporting my projects through a donation, you can be a part of this journey and help me bring more warmth and humanity to the world of AI.

1. 知识星球

欢迎加入知识星球 CnOCR/CnSTD私享群知识星球私享群会陆续发布一些 CnOCR/CnSTD/P2T 相关的私有资料,包括更详细的训练教程未公开的模型,使用过程中遇到的难题解答等。本群也会发布 OCR/STD/AI 相关的最新研究和各种资源。此外,私享群中作者每月提供两次免费特有数据的训练服务


2. 支付宝打赏 (Alipay reward)

通过支付宝给作者打赏。 Give the author a reward through Alipay.


3. Buy me a Coffee

If you are not in mainland China, you can also support the author through:

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